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Forgiveness Meditation for Children
(and everyone else too)


When you go to bed, every night, rather than "think" about what some one or thing has done to you.......
Talk to God, and tell God the Truth! (This is so simple and so powerful, you will be amazed.) Do this meditation for thirty nights running or more.
If you are scared of or angry with, some one or thing or situation ---tell God and be HONEST, as honest as can be.
You would tell God how "I do not know why they have done to me what they have done", or, if you do know, you would talk to God about why you think they have done this.
Tell god just how you feel, and be honest about all the things you feel they have said or done that you feel is beyond your ability to forgive. Tell God that you hurt and would like to forgive the person or thing, and say it was NOT OK that they hurt you, but, just say: "I can't God, I can't like this person or that situation which hurt me. I know I have to be REALLY honest and say how I feel right now." (and say what they did, how they did it and so forth----BE Honest!!!!!)
But, maybe they were just having a tough day, and maybe they didn't hurt me on purpose, but right now I think they did and cannot forgive them God! I, of my self, cannot forgive them, if anything I think they should suffer or be punished. I am just being honest here. Jesus said, "forgive US our trespasses AS WE forgive those who have trespassed against US."  
SO, the main thing is, God, if you can arrange for them to be forgiven THROUGH me, I am wide open to that being done.  Just WIPE OUT all this hurt and hate.  I am so very willing that You forgive them because I have tried --- but I am helpless --- and ADMIT now finally that I cannot do it without you.  And carrying around this unforgiveness is just not working anymore.  It is TOO much of a burden.  But there is one thing I know --- I know YOU can.  Because with You ALL things are possible.  With just me nothing is possible.  Now that is all I have to say.
Then listen, listen very quietly AS IF you are listening for God to say something.  It is the listening that is important, not a message.
This listening for a few minutes is very important.
Always end with listening. 
Then go off to sleep.
All Love,